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New AI for Swarm
Posted on Sunday, June 15th @ 12:27 pm GMT (12045 reads)
Space Empires IV I found this race in the shipyards, unfortunately ascribed to unknown and without an AI. (If someone claims the shipset I'd be happy to credit them.) So I wrote an AI for them:

Essentially, they are nasty little breeders who aim to overcome their opponents by sheer weight of numbers. I have made them liable to react angrily and violently if you prod them,
but, if you leave them alone, they might well leave you alone - or they may not.

Download The Swarm

The Swarm are a race of wasp-like insects who have evolved a form of communal intelligence. They are very aggressive to wards other species whom they regard as either food or warm bodies in which to incubate their young. They have three sexes : females (identifiable by their long ovipositors and larger heads); less-numerous males (who are smaller and have larger wings); and the sexless drones who provide a hive's workforce. Studies on dead specimens indicate they are carnivorous and feed through injecting digestive enzymes into their victims and sucking out the liquefied matter.

Little is known of the Swarm social structures as attempts to communicate with them usually end in the scientists being eaten. The Swarm are led by a Queen who represents the hives when they deign to communicate with other species, how a ruling Queen is chosen is not clear.

The history of the swarm is vague, some think they are a biological weapon which escaped from their creators' control, others that they are the Wrath of the Creator unleashed on a hapless galaxy. What is known is that periodic population pressures or food shortages cause the Swarm to leave their home planets and conquer new worlds. A few survivors have told of the horror of Swarn-Occupied worlds. When they capture a new world, they round up its fuana into herds for food, and select hosts for breeding. Hosts have eggs laid into them which they may carry for months as the young develop - once hatched the larvae may feed off their former hosts for weeks before entering their pupal stage.



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